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About Data In Science

DST’s goal is to help our customers do more science.

We help you maximize your HPC environment with a focus on end user education, empowerment and collaboration, while providing vendor management, problem resolution teams, customer satisfaction surveys, education/collaboration portals and full accountability to the HPC management team. DST clients experience increased customer satisfaction, powerful proactive tools that monitor the system and the data, full accountability, increased collaboration, and a problem resolution swat team for Scientist and HPC to work. We bridge the gap between the scientists using the platform of High Performance Computing and the technologists providing the solution. In an effort to accelerate success we use proven methodologies to deliver peace of mind for projects, support for your team, or the assumption of HPC daily operations with predictive monitoring tools that help management stay informed on the system, the data and the user community.

Our HPC offerings include:

  • HPC Operational Management System – HOMS
  • HPC Operational Management System – HOMS Hybrid
  • HPC Consulting Services

  • On Demand Services