WonderDial is a tool for HPC Executives or Administrators facing capacity challenges and realize not all research data types are created equal. The massive accumulation of raw data and interim pipeline data can stress the capacity boundaries of file systems. DST has created a unique solution to assist in the decision making process for determining archive file candidates on expensive HPC platforms. Product Summary Includes:

  • An executive level view of the file system and its attributes to better understand capacity utilization within the directory hierarchy.
  • Visual representation of the file system hierarchy across the age distribution, making it easy to pinpoint “stale” and “hot” data.
  • In one click of the sunburst, visualize the size and age distribution of all files in a chosen directory.
  • A Top 10 archive candidate lists for each directory to explore its key file types based on capacity and file count.

WonderDial Demonstration Overview (3 minutes):

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