heatmapThe WonderDial is a browser based tool for the visualization of the distribution of filesystem capacity utilization. The age-based heat map offers users the ability to identify asset reclamation opportunities.

Some of the HOMS tools are customized for your unique environment to report on the key attributes of the cluster, complete with a ticketing system. DST actively optimizes the heart of your HPC including:

  • Shared storage health
  • Parallel file system health
  • Compute node – Operating system updates
  • Proactive problem mitigation
  • Capacity planning/reporting
  • Cluster networking
  • Scheduler (optimizations)

HOMS delivers a Cluster dashboard customized for your environment to include some of the items below.

Jobs running and CPU Use


Metrics for GPFS

  • GPFS Cluster Health (availability) per node
  • Bandwidth per NSD server
  • Long waiters per NSD server
  • Bandwidth per Data Client
  • Long waiters per Data Client
  • Filesystem capacity
  • Pool Capacity
  • Fileset Capacity
  • User and Group Capacity

SFA Metrics

  • SFA12k Pool Health
  • SFA12K Controller Health
  • SFA12K Physical Disk Health
  • SFA12K IOM and DEM health

LSF Metrics

  • Failed jobs
  • Preempted jobs
  • Queued jobs
  • Running jobs

Who is DST? Our customers say there’s a tremendous amount of expertise on the other end of the phone, video chat, or Slack during weekly status reviews.