Data in Science Technologies (DST) works to enhance Life Science Research with focused operational expertise, collaboration tools and accountability. We bridge the gap between the scientists using the platform of High Performance Computing and the technologists providing the solution in an effort to accelerate success. We use proven methodologies to deliver peace of mind for projects, support for your team, or the assumption of HPC daily operations. Our HPC offerings include:

Our mission is to create a positive experience for the Scientist when using HPC by clearly defining collaboration and communication policy while ensuring proper tuning, documentation, and transitional handoffs configured to best practices. DST clients experience increased customer satisfaction, full accountability, collaboration, and a central communication platform for Scientist and HPC to work.

DST Consulting Services provides Peace of Mind

Who is DST? Our customers say our best feature is we’re flexible, nimble, and fast in making the experience for your researchers the best it can be.