Improvements and Solutions

We work to improve the performance and efficiency of the cluster so researchers can do more science. One of the aspects of improving performance and efficiency is working to accelerate problems solving is provided quickly, properly documented and brought to a close.

Our mission is to create a positive experience for the scientist when using HPC by ensuring proper tuning of the system and transitional hand offs to the team that enable configuration to best practices. We bridge the gap between the scientist using the platform of HPC and the technologists providing the solution in an effort to accelerate success.

For our HOMs customers and often with DST consulting we provide a Cluster Improvement Report. The Cluster Improvement report offers immediate efficiencies found with recommendations in the cluster to include scripts or work flow to improve performance, space management or operations. Additionally the reports provide midterm and long term recommendations.

Often our clients’ internal HPC teams are multi-tasking and operating the cluster is one among several responsibilities. DST focuses on interaction within the user community addressing issues that arise with the HOMS service package. HOMS promotes DST managing / working with your vendors to open tickets to resolution, while we raise a flag when vendors are not responsive or when they are not comprehensive in their solutions. We provide an expert extra layer of accountability because we manage many environments and work closely with the manufacturer community. The team of professionals at DST are highly regarded by vendors and able to work closely to provide speedy and complete resolution with significant input in the process.

Improvements and Solutions involve:

  • Improve the performance and operation of the system
  • Reduce management of the systems
  • Comply with industry best practices
  • Manage vendors
  • Work toward problem resolution with vendors
  • Help desk for scientists and HPC stake holders

Who is DST? Our customers say we’ve been insanely helpful in making the experience for their researchers the best it can be.