HPC Consulting Services

DST provides a team of focused senior expert resources providing you with an outsider’s expert insight into the challenges you are facing and non-bias solutions to address them. With proven results, our consulting services provide:

  • Lower risk to moving forward based on industry expert, best practice, and well-documented plans supporting your strategic roadmap.
  • Customer advocate response teams providing expert opinions void of a political agenda.
  • Goal-oriented team dedicated to efforts without distraction, accelerating the completion and documentation time of the effort.
  • Meticulous, unbiased blueprinting to lower costs by avoiding painful oversight.

DST provides three distinct HPC services offering to fit a variety of client’s needs:

  • Appraisals and Blueprints
  • Strategic Planning
  • System Design and Deployment

Appraisals and Blueprints

definitionsAppraisals and Blueprints provide you with an expert estimate of the current and future state of the environment. DST creates a blueprint to address vision based on industry best practices coupled with end user and budget requirements. on-demand-services-graphicEach blueprint consists of detailed architecture documentation, workflow and gap analysis based on DST’s experience and industry best practices. Incorporating the gap analysis creates a plan to move from where you are as defined in the appraisal to where you want to be as defined in the blueprint.

Appraisals and Blueprints are available for the following areas:

  • Performance
  • Workflow
  • Archival and Data Retention
  • Data Protection
  • Storage Architecture

Strategic Planning Services

A focused team of industry experts go through a systematic process that provides you with a strategic 5-year roadmap for your HPC services and environment. This exhaustive process starts with an intensive discovery phase with key stakeholders and end user interviews, coupled with discovery and documentation of the HPC ecosystem. DST documents each aspect of the current state including:

  • Hardware and networking
  • Software
  • Work flow
  • Applications and application dependencies
  • Filesystems
  • Data archiving and data retention

Once the current state is understood the DST consulting team begins a process of extensive interviews with key stake holders in the user community. The purpose here is to understand their requirements today and the workloads they project moving forward so that we can understand requirements of the future. We also meet with executive management so that our strategic plan includes their vision and objectives for the years ahead. The visionary design to combines current reality with executive objectives and end user requirements (current and projected). The end product is a detailed document that defines:

  • Current environment and potential recommendations outlining to eliminate or move bottlenecks to provide optimal performance for existing HPC services
  • Design goals based on executive and end user requirements using a modular and elastic architecture that does not limit adoption of new technology
  • Meticulously detailed architecture of future state with a protocol and platform agnostic environment for easy adoption of new technologies.
  • High level project plan outlining migration from current state to future state

The deliverable includes a phased approach and high level project plan for moving to the future state. Establishing a roadmap on how to move toward can be daunting goal. The final 5-year strategic plan you receive includes a phased high level project plan realizing a “how to” execution of the strategic plan. This phased project plan includes: Detail of the phase tasks; A high level sequence of steps involved in each phase; Resource requirements for each phase; Projected time frame for completion.

System Design and Deployment

Our team of experts stay focused to provide the helping hands physically or digitally so your team can deliver on time and under budget. Clients leverage DST to provide one or all of the following services:

  • System Design: Create detailed architecture and documentation of new clusters environments.
  • System Integration: Procure, assemble and test hardware and software.
  • System Installation: Provide basic rack and stack, power, ping and pipe.
  • System Implementation: Implement cluster components including the load of operating system and file systems, setting up file permissions, scheduler deployment and cluster node image creation.

System Deployment: Production-ready cluster deployment from loading and testing of applications; to comprehensive file system tuning; to scheduler optimization.

“Data in Science has developed a step-by-step methodology designed to provide focused expertise as an extension of your team during the life of the engagement. The DST Consulting methodology is designed to provide a high level of collaboration and accountability which includes:

  • Develop detailed Statement of Work (SOW) outlining the effort
  • Establish contract based on SOW
  • Design a detailed project plan
  • On-site kickoff meeting: establish roles, review project plan, create collaboration framework, agree on timeline
  • Implement collaboration and project management tools deployed among the team
  • Begin weekly project status meetings leading to project status report creation and disseminating to the team
  • Establish on-site meetings as required
  • Complete project and documentation Blueprint
  • Presentation of findings in the form of a detailed Blueprint

We deliver accountability to you with a custom solution acting as an extension of your team.

Data in Science’s field proven On-demand methodology provides focused expertise as an extension of your team providing a high level of accountability including real-time collaboration and detailed weekly reports on all activities for your review.

on-demand-services-graphicOn-Demand Methodology:

  • Contract established with hours to be consumed on demand
  • Project-based work SOW
  • Detailed project plan
  • Collaboration tools and constant communication
  • Weekly reports detailing all activities
  • Documentation of the effort upon completion

The DST team delivers accountability to your organization with a custom solution to act as an extension of your team. The following illustrates a report that is weekly report that is designed to inform the client of the hours used and the detailed tasks performed during those hours.


Who is DST? Our customers say our best feature is we’re flexible, nimble, and fast in making the experience for your researchers the best it can be.