Einstein College of Medicine

Einstein College of Medicine is a world renowned research facility that works to advance human health, innovative research and discovery. The college specializes in executing a full range of lifescience research including full genome sequencing. DST manages the a large file storage repository ensuring performance, efficiency and availability to the researchers. DST helps Einstein do more science.

DST provides remote system management for the scientists who do their research at Einstein College of Medicine as well as On Demand Services for the technologists who work to keep the environments applications always available and always current for the research community. We provide a wide range of skill sets to the University via On Demand Services which helps address whatever the scientists throw at them. Our On Demand Services have helped with projects such as: help my dissertation is on an old ZFS array that was shut down and no one knows the password anymore, help we need a Nagios instance to monitor infrastructure, help we need an NGINX stood up right away for professors, help we need an instance of MATlabs for a new PI to name a few.

The design offers support for any native Linux virtual infrastructure such as KVM, Xen or OpenStack. DST is recommending the use of OpenStack and the automated OpenStack deployment software that makes implementing and on-going care and feeding of an OpenStack environment less cumbersome. Bright Cluster Manager for OpenStack provides a wizard-based GUI for deploying a complete virtual environment and provides resources to effectively manage processing, memory allocation and load balancing across the cluster. This is essential in the proposed environment due to the fact the VMs are running on the Quobyte Controller nodes.

Who is DST? Our customers say we’ve been insanely helpful in making the experience for their researchers the best it can be.