Henry Ford said “coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, but working together is success.” We believe that collaboration is a foundational element of successfully serving you and the work at hand. Our service philosophy, that we are an extension of your team, demands a collaborative approach to every effort. DST recognizes the different needs of varied stakeholders in each work effort and has established a collaboration methodology and tool set designed to communicate effectively.

Collaboration with the HPC staff – No matter what capacity the DST team is engaged – HOMS, On Demand Services or Consulting, our team is responsible to the HPC primary stake holders. Our collaboration tool permits real time viewing of each task assigned, tracked and once complete captured for later reference. We reinforce our efforts with weekly collaboration calls reviewing the work at hand outlined in the collaboration tool. Our process is designed to ensure the DST team always moves in a predictable and visible way while jointly reviewing our ticketing and project management system to help us communicate and collaborate with you, making sure we march to the right beat.

Collaboration with the scientists – High Performance Computing is an important tool in the hands of researchers. Researchers and scientists are focused on the exploration of the unknown and DST sees its job to empower them on that journey with the design of an educational portal. The educational portal serves to help the scientist get quick answers and training guides, scripts or short cuts to help them accelerate their journey. Our process of collaboration begins with an onsite kick off meeting serving the HPC science community, introducing DST as a team member available to serve the HPC community in any way to further the science as it relates to the cluster. DST also makes ourselves available for one on one educational sessions and ongoing seminars for research communities who would like to learn more powerful or efficient ways to use the cluster.

Collaboration with Executives – Every organization has leaders who are responsible for steering the boat. Executives need data for making the right decisions and DST strives to create a collaborative dialogue with the executives we serve. Collaboration with the executive stake holders is accomplished by understanding the leader’s strategic objectives and providing on going feedback as to how we are contributing to those objectives. To that end DST conducts quarterly review meetings which are face to face sessions where we look back, look up and look forward. Our executive quarterly review meetings look back by provide reports on all major metrics for the cluster over the past quarter – utilization, uptime, ticket number and response time, user satisfaction, performance and more. We then look up at what the current state of the cluster. Looking at the current state involves a review of the ongoing projects, current cluster needs and any outstanding issues. Finally, we look forward by reviewing with the executive objectives for the upcoming quarter and collaboratively build the plan of attack to accomplish the objective.

Who is DST? Our customers say our best feature is we’re flexible, nimble, and fast in making the experience for your researchers the best it can be.