DST has made the list for the top 20 most promising HPC solution providers in 2018 by CIOReview! Read the full article here: Full Article.

Some key quotes:

All in all, DST’s solutions portfolio is uniquely architected to augment the efficiencies of organizations treading the difficult terrains of HPC.

Currently centered upon the arena of genomic research, DST envisions making rapid strides into other industry verticals. To that end, the firm has revamped its hiring framework to accommodate senior professionals in the HPC spectrum.

Leading the wave of consultancy services in the HPC landscape, DST is poised for a great development with its long-standing partnerships with IBM, DDN and other industry giants alongside its robust portfolio of services and solutions.
  • “We always had people on staff here on premises that were running the system and were responsible for running the system. And that was a weakness for us because really our specialty was doing research, that’s where we add value”
  • “A big part of consultancy services is to keep organizations aware of the latest technology trends, which allows them to make informed decisions”
  • “There’s more value in outsourcing those things that you’re not an expert at and that you never need to be an expert at,”
  • “I don’t have to have a team that’s going to be an expert on this stuff because we have the right partner”
– Client testimonials